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Super Cut of EP 1-6


EP 1Episode 1


EP 2Episode 2


In the before-times (aka pre-pandemic), three seasoned creators, Ash Brannon, Chris Cartagena, and Sarah Cole developed a little show called Stoner Cats. Based on Sarah’s personal experience with her mother, Stoner Cats is a story of a woman who uses medical marijuana to alleviate her early Alzheimer’s symptoms and her beautiful family of cats who will do literally anything to save her.

Once Mila Kunis and her Orchard Farm Productions partners heard this story, they knew that a hilarious and intimate story like this needed to have deep direct engagement with its audience. So they formed a formidable collective of voice talent, animators, and creatives of all kinds to come together with technology and NFT experts (including the brilliant minds behind CryptoKitties) to bring this story to life using NFTs.

10,420 unique NFTs were created based on the characters in the show. These NFTs were minted and sold on July 27, 2021.

6 episodes of Stoner Cats were produced, accessible only to those holding the NFT digital collectibles.

Stoner Cats NFTs gave holders access to the content creators of the show, making it one of the first projects to use NFTs to create a community of holders who get to see behind the curtain as an animated series is made and interact directly with top-level Hollywood talent.

Just like its digital collectible NFTs, we believe the Stoner Cats content should live on the blockchain and be accessible for many generations to come.

This website and Stoner Cats content will be available in perpetuity using decentralized hosting and archiving service Arweave. We do not control the content and the content can never be removed.


Creative Team

Main Cast Ashton Kutcher, Chris Rock, Dax Shepard, Gary Vaynerchuk, Jane Fonda, Michael Buble, Mila Kunis, Seth MacFarlane, Vitalik Buterin
Guest Stars Alex Barone, Asmahan Shmeit, Darby Bailey, Katie Schwartz, Matt Molkoski, Miro Calderon, Quinton Farmer, Tana Richardson, Trevor Blish, Shelley Beman, Yasmina Siddiqui
Chris Cartagena, Sarah Cole, Ash Brannon
Additional Creative Contributions
Composer Rolfe Kent
Additional Story By Nicole McMath
Animator Ash Brannon
Character Layout and Storyboard Dan Jeup
Community Animation Christian Graves, Grace Rehbein, Sam Humby
Ghostbot Alan Lau, Corrine Wong, Denise Chan, Aldo Kcomt, Eileen Bray, Sam Chi, Kris Lacore-Toscanini, Maritza Silvas, Eric Cerda, Elena Velasco, Sam Chi, Tim Blair, Luciana Eguti, Vagner Farias, Pedro Mirando Filho, Paola Hiroki, Kelvin Lima, Anderson Lister, Gerry McGrory, Paulo Muppet, Chris Parentoni, Julio Gomes Prazeres
Post Production
Sound Mixing Patrick Clark
Dubway Studios Marc Frongillo
Editing Chris Cartagena, Sarah Cole
Sound Editing Chris Cartagena, Sarah Cole
Mr. Bronx Audio Hannah Choi, Eric Hoffman
Production Management
Katie Schwartz
End Credits Design / Metawood StudiosDAO
Alplanet, Curtis Wiklund, Catcurious, Dub1D, Chris Bator, Stephan Hundley, Joskyphine, Amber Love Yedinak, Ae Bright, EnsayoYflor, Fatih Kalci, Matt Molkoski, The Mystery Duck, Amanda Reven, The Mastiff, Josky, NFTA, Toonatonian, Pasorrijer, Kyle Dagg, Vuja_De, Ian Mackinnon
Production Team
Mila Kunis, Lisa Sterbakov, Cami Curtis, Brendan McNerney
Blockchain Team
BIG HEAD CLUB Mila Kunis, Maaria Bajwa, Morgan Beller, Lisa Sterbakov
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