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Welcome to Your Higher Consciousness!

Be a part of the magic. Fund the content you want to watch. That’s what we’re doing at Stoner Cats. Purchase one of our collectible NFTs to watch the new series of animated shorts from Mila Kunis and friends, including the creative forces behind Toy Story 2, Spider-Verse, Happy Feet, Cryptokitties and much much more...

Meet the Cast Behind the Cats (and the Humans)

Meet the Cast Behind the Cats (and the Humans)

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Vitalik Buterin

As Lord Catsington

"The Spirit Guide"

Mila Kunis


"The Alpha"

Ashton Kutcher


"The Hackster"

Seth MacFarlane

Reginald "The Sophisticat" &

Dave "The Free Spirit"

Chris Rock


"The Bold"

Jane Fonda

Ms. Stoner

"The Matriarch"

Meet the TOKEns

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Our Manifesto

Humans have been telling stories since the dawn of time and those stories shape our culture. At Stoner Cats we believe that storytellers deserve an outlet where they can be valued and supported without having to bow to the machine of big media. So we’re tilting the model on its head and testing a new architecture using NFTs that can connect storytellers directly with their audience and essentially decentralize content production.

NFT access tokens are the grandfather of the NFT space. We believe that by using NFTs to reverse-finance content, we can innovate and expand upon the old NFT model.

Maybe a strangely touching story about cats who get high, and the woman they love coming to terms with her memory loss and her mortality can be our unlikely hero in the story of decentralizing entertainment. The creators have lots more amazing Stoner Cats stories to tell (there are ball gags involved and it’s great.) If we’re right with this experiment, then this tribe we’re building online, anchored around access token NFTs, is structured to reward early believers, community participation and breaking down barriers between creator and consumer. If we’re right about all of that… then this will be a wonderful way for innovative, unique stories to be told for years and years to come.

These creators will make more stories to share with token holders. New creators will join us and create new tokens, and existing token holders will have access to everything that comes after but nobody’s tokens will let them see what has come before. Ownership will have its privileges - a spectrum of community access, content access, and creator access tied to the tokens you own and how long you’ve owned them.

Is this all a little fuzzy? For sure. The most interesting parts of the future usually are.

So this is Stoner Cats. It may only be a sweet small show about a woman and her cats, but maybe it will light the way for something very big to follow. Maybe the Stoner Cats are the thin edge of the wedge on a whole decentralized platform for passion projects. A way for a wildly talented emerging artist in Bangalore to fund her music video, and an independent animator in Oslo to unleash his most personal work. Or maybe it’s a way for massive stars to collaborate with fans on the stories they’re obsessed with.

We can’t honestly say we know if it’s one or the other. Or both. But we can say we really want to find out.

And we hope you want to join us.

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