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The Stoner Cats Mission

In the before-times (aka pre-pandemic), three seasoned creators developed a little show called Stoner Cats. Once Mila Kunis and Orchard Farm Productions discovered it, they were immediately on board. Together they created a formidable team of Hollywood creatives, talented animators, tech and NFTs experts (including the brilliant minds behind CryptoKitties) to create and distribute Stoner Cats in a new, ground-breaking format.

But how, you ask?

So here’s the thing, the only way to watch Stoner Cats is if you own a Stoner Cats TOKEn. If you own the collectible NFT, you gain membership to a super cool club. That club is your admission to the show. PLUS you’ll get access to exclusive stuff and fun perks.

But why, you ask?

We believe that content creators and fans should be able to connect and trade art directly without all the bureaucratic bullshit, to put it bluntly. With blockchain technology we believe there’s a new way for fans to engage directly with the content they want to watch and be a part of the content creation process. This animated series, and the NFT collectibles, is our hopeful science experiment to see who wants to joint the revolution, err did I say joint? I meant join. Join the revolution.

Meet the Cast Behind the Cats (and the Humans)

Meet the Cast Behind the Cats (and the Humans)

Vitalik Buterin as

Lord Catsington The Spirit Guide

Ms. Stoner’s oldest dead cat. Acts as an oracle, sharing wisdom and knowledge from their illustrious past life with Ms. Stoner

Mila Kunis as

Fefe The Alpha

Smart, cynical, and extremely driven with a ‘cat-do’ attitude

Ashton Kutcher as

Baxter The Hackster

Self-appointed internet vigilante. The go-to resource for everything from hacking to discount internet shopping.

Seth MacFarlane as

Reginald The Sophisticat

Twin brother to Dave. Has strong penchant for fine wine and exquisite cheese.

Seth MacFarlane as

Dave The Free Spirit

Twin brother to Reginald. As time passes and his craving for Muncheez intensifies, he begins to morph into a tubby Tabby.

Chris Rock as

Hamilton The Bold

Suffers from “little cat” syndrome. Constantly looking to overcompensate.

Jane Fonda as

Ms. Stoner The Matriarch

A modern, progressive octogenarian who sparks joy for everyone she meets.

About the Show

How was the show created?

The show was developed by three industry veterans and longtime friends: Chris Cartagena, Sarah Cole, and Ash Brannon. Ash hand drew and animated every frame of the pilot episode. It was then edited by Chris and Sarah. Unlike traditional studios who have massive animation teams creating content, Stoner Cats is a labor of love from a team of only 3.

The pilot episode was created by Ash, Sarah and Chris. For the following episodes, we've partnered with Ghostbot Studios, a tech-enabled animation house based in San Francisco.

How long is each episode?

Each episode will be approximately five to seven minutes long.

So, they’re cats that smoke weed, but are they always stoned?

Great question. We’re going to fill the episodes with stoner references, but ultimately the special weed reveals the complex personalities of each cat and forces them to balance their newfound abilities with the need to keep their adoptive family together.

Sounds fun, but is there really enough of an idea for a show?

Oh hell yeah. We actually had a harder time condensing our ideas. We want to take this high concept event at the beginning and continuously expand the scope of the show.

OK, so, I can see maybe one season, but isn’t this ultimately a dead-end idea?

Um, no. We want to solve problems that in turn create even bigger ones (for the show; not in real life). Our first season remains fairly contained within Ms. Stoner’s home and neighborhood. After Season 1, the gloves are off. As time goes on, they venture into a far bigger world and dive deeper into the Darknet. (In this current age of technology and anonymity, how do we know whether our lives aren’t already being influenced/manipulated by pharmaceutically-enhanced weed-consuming sentient felines? But we’ll leave the questions to you.)

That’s actually pretty well thought out. How did this idea come about?

Ten years ago we lived in the Dark Ages; the pre-streaming, pre-adult animation, pre-legal, pre-societally acceptable weed era (a much, much sadder era). It was a simpler time of viral videos, almost exclusively cat-based. (Google“Keyboard Cat,” “Nyan Cat.”) We were all working on an animated feature, and as most adults working in children’s animation do, we started to fantasize about more adult ideas. (Google “Original Disney Animated Film Easter Eggs.”) We began to ponder the concept of cats on catnip, but in a next-level fashion. We continued to joke about it in passing over the next decade. Cut to present day: a plethora of opportunities for adult animation and TV bingeing. Our comical idea became a feasible reality. We unpacked ten years of ideas, expanded them, and updated them to be topical. It became very clear that it was high time for STONER CATS.